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State of The Art Building Board Software, Condo Board Software & Property Management Software.

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Procorem is a state of the art cloud based portal for property managers and building boards to store, share and collaborate on important/sensitive building documents and tasks.

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Our Advantage

Experience as a co-op board officer and president since 2011, we understand how to improve the processes involved in your property management business; or for the governance by the co-op board, condo association board or HOA (Home Owner's Association).

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Pro Services will train you in the successful use of the Procorem software platform for (co-op) building boards, condo association boards and for property managers.

 Pro Services will make Procorem work for you

At Pro Services, we are looking to establish a long term relationship with our clients. We start by showing you how to adapt your existing processes within the Procorem building board /condo association board software & property management software portal. We will operationalize this cutting edge platform and train all users on its implementation. In fact, one of the beauties about Procorem is that it is easy to navigate, even if you are not a computer maven.

Condo and building board software can organize your data easily, and property managers can share the data seamlessly with our web portal. Proudly serving in New York, NY area Call us at (201) 310-3337.

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